Clinical Trial update

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The team at Uppsala University have prepared the above video update on the AdVince pahse 1 clinical trial for neuroendocrine tumour.

“A total of twelve patients will have to be treated at different dose levels. So far five patients have been treated and there are still seven patients to go, ” says Prof Magnus Essand.

“The first patient was treated in March 2016 so we hope that we can now finish the next seven in the next two years from now.

“Phase1 trial is about safety data primarily, that is the primary endpoint. But of course, we are also looking at efficacy if there are response.

“And we have seen responses already at the lower dosages we have seen occasions of tumour shrinkage in the liver that has been treated.

“So it is promising but before we say anything conclusive we need to finish the phase1 trial and we need to treat even more patients before we can make any firm conclusions. So it is very early days.”

The first patient

The first AdVince patient, Jan-Erik Jansson sadly passed away in March 2017, one year after receiving his first AdVince treatment.

The direct cause of death was double-sided pneumonia.

At the time of inclusion in the trial in March 2016 Jan-Erik had progressive disease. He received four infusions of AdVince into his liver artery over the course of two months during spring 2016.

At evaluation one month later it was deemed that the treatment was well tolerated and that he had a mixed tumour response with shrinkage of metastases in the liver, stabilisation of metastases in bones and lymph nodes and continuous growth of metastases in the lungs.

He then received four more AdVince treatments, one month apart. In December 2016 he was again found to have progressive disease and treatment was discontinued. However, the tumour growth (Ki67 index) was lower in December 2016 than it had been before AdVince treatment started and therefore he was at this point eligible tor a chemotherapy regimen that he could not have before.

He started his chemotherapy but sadly passed away three months later.

Joining the trial

Patients who would like to participate in the AdVince trial should contact Dr. Kjell Öberg at Uppsala University Hospital.


Secretary email: 

If you are in the UK please contact Dr. Christos Toumpanakis at the Royal Free Hospital, London.


Secretary email: 

Dependent on medical and logistic assessments patients can then be included in the phase I trial.

AdVince treatment is restricted to Uppsala, Sweden but assessments and follow-ups can be made in London. 

Thank you

Thank you again to everybody who donated to this groundbreaking project – the first crowdfunded clinical trial.

Without you, all this trial would not be going ahead.

Best wishes,

Alexander, Liz and Dom.


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