iCancer in the media

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The press coverage for iCancer has been phenomenal. With everybody from The Telegraph to The Financial Times to social media giant Mashable, to being nominated for Digital Campaign of the Week by Third Sector.We have added all the links below.

The Telegraph: The virus that kills cancer: the cure waiting in the cold.

The Telegraph: The cancer killer they won’t pay for

The Telegraph: Author appeals to Apple to fund cancer hope that could have save Steve Jobs.

The Telegraph: Dominic Nutt asks, ‘What price a life

The Irish Independent: A cheap and effective cancer treatment: so why is it sitting in a freezer in Sweden?

BBC Radio 4: Today programme debate with Magnus Essand. Saturday 1st September. (Sadly the link is now dead).

The Financial Times: Scientists offer to name cancer drug for 1 million (you need a subscription to read this)

The Financial Times: Science goes viral.

Macworld: Appeal for Apple to fund research into cancer that killed Steve Jobs.

Businessweek: Author tries raising money for cancer cure.

Mashable: iCancer Takes On Disease That Killed Steve Jobs

The Guardian: Blog: iCancer: closing the net around cancer by getting the public involved

Third Sector: Digital campaign of the week.

The Yorkshire Post: Cancer campaigners go viral.

The Metro: the UK’s daily newspaper.

The Drum: iCancer campaign aims to raise £2 million for cure to NET cancer which killed Steve Jobs

The Drum: As guerrilla iCancer campaign launches on anniversary of Steve Jobs death founding members speak with The Drum


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