We are a team of guerrilla fundraisers who have launched a global campaign to fund research into a potential treatment for the cancer that killed Steve Jobs.

The potential therapy, a cancer-busting virus, which if successfully developed could significantly extend the lives of patients with the same cancer as  Steve Jobs, is currently sitting in a freezer in Sweden – but it can’t be tested for lack of just £2million.

Without the money, the research will cease and the virus will be thrown away, placing in jeopardy a therapy that could significantly extend the lives of thousands of NET cancer sufferers.

We’ve put this campaign together in a little over a week. We have no money behind us and everybody is volunteering their time for free. So there is no fancy website, now motivational wristband and no rock concert.

It’s just us, the scientists, the virus and you.


Contact: hello (at) FieldcraftStudios.com